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Ultra Miniature 3 kV Pockel's Cell Driver

The PCD-3-20 is a compact, all solid-state, high voltage Pockel’s Cell driver. The rise time is <20ns and the voltage can be adjusted with an on-board potentiometer from 2.0 to 3.2 kV. An opto-coupler is used on the input trigger signal to provide for galvanic isolation and to eliminate ground loops. The driver can survive a shorted output and it is stable into any load.

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The PCD-3-20 has an insertion delay of 20 ns (typical). Novel circuitry eliminates the need for avalanche transistors and external damping resistors.

The output holes can accept either 20 AWG wire or a small coaxial cable.

PCD-3-20 Data Sheet
Ultra Miniature 3 kV Pockel's Cell Driver Data Sheet


  • 2 to 3.2 KV peak voltage
  • >500 ns pulsewidth (capacitive load)
  • Rise-time <20 ns into 30 pF, 15 ns typical
  • Single-shot to 30 Hz
  • Less than 2" square and only 20 grams
  • 25ns propagation delay (typ.)
  • 12 volt input*
*Consult factory for other options.

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